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Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint combination.

Good combination of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint (LLP) 😍😍😍

I have introduced the Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint Essential Oil in the past few days. Do you know with the combination of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint essential oils, it will help you breathe easier 😚😚😚and feel more calm🥰🥰🥰. This recipe is a combination of pure therapeutic essential peppermint oil, lemon, and lavender has been very helpful for people who want to support healthy respiratory function all the time. Don’t let seasonal disturbances get you done.😎😎

To make this Diffuser Blend yourself, you will need 3️⃣Drops of Lavender, 2️⃣Drops of Lemon 🍋 and 2️⃣Drops of Peppermint 🌿essential oils (suggests the room size about 100-150 square feet, can adjust the blend to bit more when the room size is bigger)

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