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Early Life

Vicky was brought up in Hong Kong, with her upbringing forging a strong sense of independence. Circumstances were not easy in early life, but despite the challenges faced, Vicky put herself through University, getting a degree in Finance.  Finding religion in her formative years also helped her find a strong sense of community within the Church.

Vicky applied her community work for a spell within the Non Governmental Organisation, Junior Chamber International (JCI) in the Hong Kong Jaycettes chapter, being elected to the position of Treasurer and Vice President of the Chapter. JCI undertook many projects in HK in which Vicky was an active member including, Female wellness projects, projects to help the elderly community in Hong Kong and also initiatives to help under graduates who wish to learn about how to run a business.

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Vicky has spent a large part of her career in Financial Services, working in the Back Office in the Securities Services industry. Initially working as a Fund Administrator in Funds Industry and Project Change in Traditional and Private Equity Funds. Vicky moved onto to apply her expertise as she rose through the ranks in Financial Services to work as a Senior Analyst and then Project Manager to enhance the Software Platforms she was previously working on. 

As her product knowledge grew, Vicky moved on to a role in Business Architecture enabling her to work on various sectors in Asia, using her language skills across the jurisdictions covered. Vicky is fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Vicky has an active interest in Property working with her husband Rob across HK and UK markets. Vicky has studied Property with Legacy Elite Property Training in the UK and P and S academy in Hong Kong.

Personal Life

Vicky met her British husband Rob and had daughter Natasha in 2016. This change in circumstances let Vicky to think even more about living a cleaner, healthier life, minimising use of chemical based products in day to day life. Her pregnancy had some complications and this led to more focus on preserving health and well being.

This ignited a passion in Vicky to become a NAHA certified aromatherapist, and share her learning though the use of essential oils to help others achieve health and wellness. Additionally Vicky achieved an Advanced Level Chinese Aromatherapy Certification granted by IIAA in China. This built on the City and Guilds Diploma Beauty Therapy from the UK.

Vicky enjoys travelling but aims to have a life of low consumption while enjoying the benefits of time with people and making a difference to those around her."

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